Tuesday, May 24, 2011

Watercolour - Tied Up At Banksia

For a number of summers we spent a couple of weeks on the Banksia Penninsula in the Gippsland Lakes enjoying camping with friends. Some had boats that sailed the lakes and the nearby jetty in Duck Arm was a favorite place to moor for the duration.
This is a nearly completed painting of friends returning from a day sailing. 
As you may notice, this painting is similar to the first one I posted on this blog. It was fun to try to make the water and reflections appear 'wet' so here's another attempt.

Tied Up At Banksia
54cm w x 23cm h

Tuesday, May 17, 2011

Watercolour - The Machinist

The Monday afternoon group I attend has chosen the topic of 'People and their Machines' this month. Here's my attempt. There's something inherently honest about toil and 'getting your hands dirty'. Hopefully this portrait of a man working at his lathe shows that.

The Machinist
30 x 30 cm

Sunday, May 8, 2011

Watercolour: Friends Forever

The Whitehorse Arts Association holds regular 'Challenges' in which people are invited to submit artworks in either mediums with which they are unfamiliar or on specific topics. The next 'Challenge' is "Pet Portrait". I've never painted or drawn any animals before and we have no pets, other than three goldfish that inhabit our garden pond. I could paint them but they seem to be all mouth - and only seen at feeding time!
Friends kindly let me use their beagles as models and the result is this portrait - thanks to Gerry for the photos.

 Friends Forever

375mm w x 275mm h

Thursday, May 5, 2011

New Watercolour "The Red Roof"

It seems like forever since I updated this watercolour wandering blog. I guess I have been wandering doing other things and neglecting this.
I have been trying to paint as much as possible [which isn't as much as I'd like] and have produced a number of paintings which will appear here over the next few weeks.
Here's the first one for a while: The Red Roof. Our neighbours are traveling in England at the moment and regularly send photos - which are excellent. The Red Roof is my interpretation of a photo taken at Quebec House, Westerham in Kent.

The Red Roof
275mm h x 375mm w
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