Saturday, December 22, 2012

Watercolour- Show Off

The last of 'The Lake Illawarra' series of paintings is Show Off.

Show Off
There are seven paintings in this series. Each one is based on photos Yvonne took at Lake Illawarra in NSW during a two day stay at a lakeside camping ground. The weather was that wonderfully calm, misty, drizzley, grey sort that seemed to last all day.The water was very clam with virtually no ripples to disturb the surface. The birds went about their daily lives whilst we watched and absorbed the wonder of it all.
The painting series records their lives over those few days.
A few days ago "Show Off" was sold to a wonderful Melbourne couple.
The seven paintings now have new homes all over Victoria and i trust they bring the owners as much pleasure as they have to Yvonne and me.

Friday, December 21, 2012

Christmas Blessings

One of the huge benefits of taking up watercolour painting is that it changes the way I see things.
In fact, the study of any sort of visual art will change a persons perceptions and observations. Everything you look at is seen with different eyes.
  • Colours are differentiated and subtle differences noted.
  • Tones are more obvious.
  • Shapes are defined and their Edges become important. 
  • Perspective is more clearly noticed.
In fact my response to the world around me has changed!
Before taking up painting, the world looked fantastic to me - I enjoyed each and every view of it.
Now though, I see it more clearly, in more detail and with a much greater appreciation.
I wonder if that's partly what God had in mind for Christmas?

The birth of Jesus the Christ allows us to see God more clearly. For those with eyes to see and for those who want to see: there is a greater depth of colour and tone to life; connections between people and relationships are more important; and we can have better perspective on the issues that surround us.
Hopefully this ability to see more clearly will change the way we live.

May this Christmas bring you great joy, peace, love and hope for the future

Sold at Pt Lonsdale

It was a real surprise but also a great delight, to learn that some of my paintings sold at the Pt Lonsdale exhibition.
It is my wish that whoever bought these paintings enjoy them as much as I enjoyed painting them.
Wednesday Afternoon
The Find
Thrill of the Chase

Catch of the Day

Precious Memories

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