Tuesday, September 14, 2010

First Post on the journey

Welcome to the first posting to the Watercolour Wanderings Blog.
Why write a Blog I hear you mumble!
Well, why not.
I've been painting watercolour since early 2009 when looking to develop a new hobby that would last me a few years.......
Having always being interested in watercolour paintings the most logical place to start a painting hobby
[so it seemed to me] was with watercolour. It's amazing how many people in the years since have said "Why did you pick the most difficult medium to start painting?"
True enough - watercolour is difficult - frustrating - challenging and yet most rewarding.
This Blog is an attempt to chart and record the journey since that start back in January 2009.
There's a bit of catching up to do to get to the start of this Blog in September 2010 - but I'll make a summary of the journey so far in another Blog post. After all there's only so much of "@^$%, that didn't work!" you can read in one sitting.
By the way - if you are also on this watercolour journey and happened to have stumbled across this Blog please let me know. It's always good to know we travel with friends.

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