Tuesday, September 21, 2010

First Sales ...

I am delighted and surprised that I have sold my first paintings. Over the past weekends I have entered five paintings in three local art shows - and sold two of them!
One was the "End of the Day at Duck Arm" posted on the 15th September. The other is this one "Racing for Home at Safety Beach"
Racing for Home at Safety Beach
36cm x 25cm
The inspiration for this painting came during a time my wife, Yvonne, and I paused at Safety Beach after a wonderful day of visiting some of the bay beaches. It was late in the afternoon and the sky had turned from bright sunshine to dark and cloudy, the winds had strengthened to stormy. We watched the last of the sail boats race to the shore as thunder and lightening began across the bay. The rain began to fall but the sun forced a patch of light on the water which seemed to become a pathway for the yachts racing for home at Safety Beach.
Our life experience has shown us that, despite seemingly peaceful days, storms sometimes suddenly appear and threaten to swamp us without warning. In times like those it is a wonderful thing to have a place of refuge and safety to race home to. A place where loved ones wait to welcome us home; a place where we can stop and rest, gather our thoughts and prepare to go out again.
Those who provide such a place are treasured and those who have such a place to go are blessed indeed. 
Everyone needs such a place.

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