Sunday, January 22, 2012

Precious Memories

It's amazing what we keep. My sister has a vase of roses on a cupboard in her living room. Now some may throw them out because they're past their prime - in fact they're dead!
In their withered and shrunked buds are memories of a special event. The essence of former beauty, colour and perfume remain there for those who can see. These dried out rosebuds hold wonderful and precious memories. Every time they are seen, they are a reminder of times past.
Sometimes we're all to quick to discard that which is old and no longer beautiful. We readily toss away things - and people - that connect us with our past and keep it alive for our future.
They are too good a subject for a painting or two.
Here's the first - actually the first painting for the year.
  Precious Memories


  1. Beautiful! The colors make the roses look fresh. So clean and clear. Well done.

  2. Thanks Lelsie, The roses are are now matted and ready to frame. I have sealed them in clear cellophane wrap in the meantime - waiting to see what to do with them.


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