Monday, January 30, 2012

Work in Progress - Torquay Stroll

Here's another work in progress. Again, if you see it and would like to offer constructive comments and critique, please do so.
This painting is based on one of Yvonne's photos taken at Torquay. I was looking for the relections in wet sand as well as distant gathering rain clouds behind the sunlit dunes.
I also tried M Graham paints for the first time. I really like the way in which they retain their softness and are easily reconstituted after a few days in the pallette. The pallette is really limited [Yellow: Hansa and Cad; Red: Cad light and Quin Magenta; Blue: Ultramarine and Cerulean].
I've learned a lot from this painting so far and am sure that the subject will be repeated . Clearly lots more work to do on reflections, waves, distant dunes, figures, and so on and on .......

Torquay Stroll

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