Saturday, December 22, 2012

Watercolour- Show Off

The last of 'The Lake Illawarra' series of paintings is Show Off.

Show Off
There are seven paintings in this series. Each one is based on photos Yvonne took at Lake Illawarra in NSW during a two day stay at a lakeside camping ground. The weather was that wonderfully calm, misty, drizzley, grey sort that seemed to last all day.The water was very clam with virtually no ripples to disturb the surface. The birds went about their daily lives whilst we watched and absorbed the wonder of it all.
The painting series records their lives over those few days.
A few days ago "Show Off" was sold to a wonderful Melbourne couple.
The seven paintings now have new homes all over Victoria and i trust they bring the owners as much pleasure as they have to Yvonne and me.

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